Oct 042012

This is Tessa, aka Pixirae.  I’ve been friends with Rafe & Mike for, well, a while, which is how I know about ShrinkGeek.  I’m the in-house counsel at a managed service provider and long-time geek.  I’m also a new mom trying to get back to some semblance of a healthy body and healthy body-image.

Mike & Rafe have graciously given me the opportunity to guest-post here about my journey – I’m hoping that it will help keep me motivated and accountable, and hey, maybe it will help someone else out there to do the same.

Posts from me will talk about my journey back to fitness in a new-parent lifestyle (in other words: with no time, no budget, and often no energy).  When I talk about losing the “baby-weight,” I’m not just talking about a number on the scale (I think scales are not all-important, though for me and my body they do give me a way to track some of my progress), I’m also talking about other important things – energy level, comfort in my own skin, and the ability to do the things I want with this body of mine.

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Oct 042012

Mike isn’t the only ShrinkGeek who has done the opposite of shrinking around here. Admittedly, his was both more dramatic and less intentional than mine, but there have been heretofore unexplored numbers showing up on my bathroom scale. In a vacuum, gravitational attraction between my body and the planet is merely a point of data that doesn’t say a whole hell of a lot. The child’s riddle about “which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of nails?” applies to the meat of which we’re made, of course; a pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle, but takes up a lot more space and is generally less aesthetically delicious. (Note: I can’t tell how good my marbling is, but I don’t think I’m bacon-grade flesh yet.)

Those of you who follow me elsewhere on social media will already have been treated to a variation of this rant yesterday, but, since we’re blowing the dust off stuff around here, it’s still apropos.

We had health screenings at the office yesterday, and I was about a glass of water from falling into the “Obese” category (>30.0) based on my BMI.

So, yeah – jump the cut to see the body of a quote-unquote “obese” guy.

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Oct 032012

Promises of updates. Renewals. Refocusing.

Yeah, we have it all here at ShrinkGeek.

So the blog has been inactive for over a year now, and the “dream” of making this into some kind of viable business model has pretty much gone the way of the dodo. So have, for me, many of my healthy habits. This is not to say I have completely trashed my body, but in the last year or so I’ve put on well over 50 pounds, I’ve stopped running, and most of my healthy eating habits have gone right out the window.

So what happened?

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Apr 082011

Link courtesy of Anderz Printz via flickr.


It has been a while since I posted here. Two months to the day, actually. After making all these bold statements about how I was changing the way the site was going to be presented and talked about how things were going to be different I just kind of…went away.

I wonder how many of you I even have left at this point?

I wish I could say that the reason I’ve been gone is because I’ve been so busy whipping my ass into shape that I couldn’t even squeeze time to write a post because I was too busy squeezing awesome out of every second of my day.

I wish I could say that.

I can’t.

Truth is? I’m struggling, friends.

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Feb 082011

Photo courtesy of Archigeek via Flickr

I recently celebrated my 10th anniversary with Weight Watchers.

Honestly, I can’t say that I really “celebrated” it. Hell, I didn’t even go to my meeting that week (not from a lack of desire to do so, but we have been down to the final few weeks of a show that I’m in and I haven’t had the time). One would also think that, after ten years, I would have hit Lifetime status and that my relationship with Weight Watchers would be restricted to maintaining my goal weight.

That, unfortunately, is not the case.

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