Feb 042010

Every once in a while, it’s time to perform a +SAN check. Today, we’ll give you a peek under the hood, behind the veil, or inside the other metaphor of your choice, to see the sort of stuff we do here for our own workout routines. Not that we’re expecting anyone to decide that what we’re doing for our own fitness regimen is the cure for what ails you – but if you want to play along with the home game, that’s cool, too.

This comes up now for a couple of reasons. One, a month into 2010, a lot of the momentum from the well-intentioned New Years’ resolutions is flagging, and a kick in the pants might be in order. Two, I’m about to undertake something completely new, and am a bit nervous about it. Three, it might provide you with some ideas on how to shake up your current routine if you’re stuck.

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Jun 022009

Ding Grats

We all face challenges to our weight loss efforts and obstacles to our abilities to lead healthy lifestyles. So each week The Geeks gather to consider progress towards goals. It keeps us honest with ourselves and those reading to see exactly where we stand.

This is not limited to just the staff here at ShrinkGeek. We want to hear success stories from our readers too. So if you’re inspired by us, think we’re crazy, or just want to publicly state that you’ve made accomplishments too, send an e-mail with your story to ding at shrinkgeek dot com.

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May 212009

I would say I began my journey into geekdom perhaps around the early 80’s when I first got my hands on an Atari 2600. Later things progressed to an Apple IIc, Apple IIgs, NES, Sega Master System, and Genesis. During this time I also began my journey into being somewhat of a yo-yo when it came to my weight, which at times I would blame Walgreens for opening up a mere 1/3 mile from my house, with 3 for $1 candy.

Getting into skateboarding and Tae Kwon Do helped me get back into shape and I soon became a bit of a drama geek in high school. Although there were many a rehearsal day that included large amounts of fast food, I preferred to save my lunch money in favor of buying CDs, which I had to walk almost 4 miles for. So my weight held up pretty well despite trading in the skateboard and dojo for the stage.

Although I gained a bit of weight after high school, it hadn’t been a real issue for years. I always stayed within a few pounds of my BMI despite letting in some less than healthy foods. That was until 1996 when the geekdom returned in the form of a job in Information Technology which earned me enough money to buy a computer of my own for at home. Sitting in front of a computer all day and partaking in more cafeteria/vending foods didn’t do my body good. That situation, along with a cross country move to California and back and partaking in many new foods and lifestyle changes along the way, caused my weight over the years to climb up until I was about 55lbs over weight.
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May 202009

rob-sgRob is not your stereotypical personal trainer. Having grown up when 8-bit systems were new and his dad’s 300 baud modem was bleeding edge, he considers himself a Geek-of-All-Trades(-Except-Math).  Never really into playing competitive sports, he attended an artsy-fartsy high school where he still managed to earn more athletic credits than most of the jocks by taking numerous dance classes and joining the school’s ultimate frisbee team.

Since then, he’s held various professional titles such as glassblower, internet tech support monkey, chef, and Weight Watchers group leader.  He also spent a few years working for various Renaissance faires as a leatherworker, stage combatant, and Dirty Gamer. It was while working the faires that he met his wife and also picked up his panchant for wearing UtiliKilts whenever possible.

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May 132009

I came up with the name ShrinkGeek during a weight-loss challenge at the office — our “team” was made up from a bunch of folks in the IT Department. Short story shorter, Mike and I liked the name, so here we are.  In the wake of that, via one thing and another, I’ve kind of ended up encouraging a bunch of folks at the office to get into fitness, and some of them have turned into serious gym rats. I think that’s pretty frigging cool, frankly.

I’m not going to suggest that Revenge of the Nerds was any sort of life-shaping or self-affirming cinematic masterpiece, but it does cast a pretty long shadow. The stereotypical geek comes in a handful of default configurations: there’s the Ominously Unwashed and Overweight Dude (oh, Comic Book Guy and Sword of a Thousand Truths, you cut so close to home), there’s Mr. RPGs (and that doesn’t stand for Rocket-Propelled Grenades), and there’s the Band and Theater Dork.

That last one would be me, circa 1990.

Not that I did much about it; I was on the cross-country and track teams as a distance runner (read: scrawny little SOB), and college wasn’t much different — the biggest change was the introduction of drinking beer while playing table-top dice-based RPGs and DOOM.  On my way to a Bachelor’s in English (after an unintentional John Galt impersonation when I started out by majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy), I padded some of my later semesters with stuff like Tennis, Badminton, Weightlifting, and Jogging (don’t laugh; to get an A, we had to run two miles in under 12:00… at eight in the morning).

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