Sep 282010

You discover some interesting things about yourself when you are trying out a colon cleansing program for the first time. You’ll find out whether or not you have enough fiber in your diet, whether you’re drinking enough water, and (perhaps most interestingly) that you’re fully capable of taking a close look at the toilet to see if anything interesting is going on down there. When you’re doing this as a review for a web site, you’ll also find out that you’re going to have to write about that particular part of the experiment.

The things I do for you people.

I have completed my first two weeks of the DrNatura Colonix Advanced Internal Cleansing Program. From the point on the post may, at times, devolve into some slightly graphic discussion. I’m not going to get too terribly detailed in those sections, and as I promised before there will be no pictures, but I figured it was wise to get that particular disclaimer out of the way before we went on.

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Sep 142010

We’re back!

It took about a week after we got home to fully recover from the utter and complete madness that was Dragon*Con, but your staff here at ShrinkGeek has finally caught up on their sleep and gotten over whatever strain of Con Crud that was running around this year. Unfortunately, for me, there’s still a bit of lingering ick simply due to the fact that, despite my intention to do otherwise, I made some very poor dining choices while we were at the convention. In my defense I really didn’t have a heck of a lot of time to make sure the food I was eating was healthy, though. I was one of the Assistant Directors for the Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game track and I actually worked 55 hours over the course of the convention. It was fun, but hectic, and when I did have time to grab food I was more concerned with how quickly I could get it than how many calories I was consuming.

The upshot of all this is that I ate a lot of food over Labor Day weekend that I don’t normally eat and I ate way too much of it. I can definitely feel the impact of all that grease, salt, and fat. I’m sluggish, kinda bloated, and my mana bar is almost completely depleted. Now that my schedule is more or less normal again, I really need to buckle down and re-focus on taking care of my body.

Amusingly enough, I got an offer right before we left for the convention that may help me do just that.

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Jun 282010

A supplement by geeks, for geeks?

A supplement by geeks, for geeks?

A while back, I received one of those ubiquitous “So-and-So is now following your tweets on Twitter” notifications. These tend to be of three distinct types: friends of mine, people who’ve seen something I’ve said that’s been retweeted by someone else, and social media marketing spam accounts. However, this particular item didn’t fall into any of those buckets.

Supplement-IT is the Twitter presence for a supplement made by, and aimed at, computer professionals. As the folks behind it said, “We started in the IT and banking industry by day [Coincidentally, so do Mike and I], but are trying to get the Supplement biz off the ground so we can one day escape cubicle life.  It is this motivation that spawned the idea of Supplement-IT in the beginning.”

As someone who enjoys the world beyond my beige employment box rather more than the world inside it, I grok their attitude in fullness. I still have no idea how they found me, but after a brief correspondence, they sent your intrepid away team samples of their product for us to try.

Is it merely Snake Oil, or is there actually something to their claims?  Read on to find out.

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Mar 092010
Elations Product Linup

Elations product lineup (fresh fruit not included)

Not too long ago, a box arrived at ShrinkGeek Orbital HQ from the folks at Elations, with a few samples of their stuff. Since Mike isn’t the only one complaining about the inevitable grind toward getting old, and years of questionable behavior have been not entirely kind to my joints, I decided to give them a try. As a delivery system for glucosamine and chondroitin, Elations take a Flintstones Tablets approach (or maybe it’s Mary Poppins) – making what is usually One More Bland Or Yucky Tablet into a sweet-tasting beverage.

How well does it work? And why would you want to take glucosamine and chondroitin, anyway?

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Aug 032009
This is the brightest color in the book, unless you make notes with a colored pen.

This is the brightest color in the book, unless you make notes with a colored pen.

There’s a scene in Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon, where Randy Waterhouse is aboard Doug Shaftoe’s boat, which is laying at anchor over a sunken WWII submarine. Randy wants to strap on a SCUBA tank and check the wreck, which is about five hundred feet down, out. Doug, being a helpful and experienced diver, has an entire shelf of books about SCUBA diving, which he suggests might provide guidance on doing so. Randy, eventually, realizes that the glossy, tourist-flavored ones are probably not going to suit his needs, and instead ends up poring over older, unadorned books “with titles like DIVE MANUAL.”

Starting Strength, Second Edition, by Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore (Aasgaard Press), is DIVE MANUAL for someone who just wants to get stronger.  There are useful illustrations and photographs. There are extensive, straightforward, and helpful descriptions of the right way to do the handful of exercises presented. There are explanations of how the muscles and skeleton work together to do them. There aren’t any fancy moves or convoluted jargon.

Coach Rippetoe simply talks to the reader as if they are paying attention.

He’s well worth paying attention to.

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