Aug 042010

Gen Con. The Best Four Days In Gaming. This weekend long gathering of geeks in downtown Indianapolis is one of the few times in your life where the large majority of people who you meet on the street will have a set of polyhedral dice on their person. Call it a bad stereotype if you like, but chances are a lot of the people you meet are (or should be) trying to shed some of their natural encumbrance. Unfortunately for them it’s difficult to eat wisely when you’re at a convention, but it isn’t impossible. All it takes is a little homework and self-control.

We here at ShrinkGeek are going to do some of the homework for you.

Underneath the cut you’ll find a list of some of the restaurants in the downtown Indianapolis area that Gen Con attendees tend to frequent. We’ll give a brief overview of the restaurant itself and try to point you toward some of the less calorie blasting choices off of the menu. Check back often as we’ll be updating this list as we gather additional information and take suggestions from some of the attendees themselves!

See you in Indianapolis!

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Feb 252010
Penguin/Lemming impersonation optional.

The penguins from "Happy Feet" doing their impression of the beginning of a crowded race. Lemming impersonation optional. (c) Kingdom Feature Productions

The assertion that we’ve got happy feet may be a slight overstatement, but it’s certainly more true this morning than it’s apt to be mid-morning on Saturday, when your intrepid scribes (that’d be me and Mike) will be hitting the road, literally, for a 5k race together for the first time. There will be several friends and colleagues of ours there, both from our day job and other circles, not to mention several thousand other other folks.

Much like the first time you step into a PvP arena (I’m partial to Quake ]|[, which tells you how long it’s been since I was any good at that sort of thing), where it’s you against other actual humans, the very act of being surrounded by fellow athletes with an actual scoreboard brings a certain crispness to the proceedings. Sure, it’s just going for a run – in our case, it’s pretty much the same one we do several times a week – but doing it “for real” brings another dimension to it, beyond the fresh route and, shall we say, interactive scenery.

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Sep 022009

Several of the ShrinkGeek crew are hitting the road for Dragon*Con at oh-dark-thirty Thursday morning, and will be wandering happily among the throngs of our fellow geeks there. A couple of us will be volunteering and/or speaking on the MMORPG Track, which makes us even easier to find, if you’re so inclined. What this means is that things are apt to be a little quiet here while we’re having fanboy/fangirl moments over various SF and gaming personages, punting gnomes, and catching up with friends from all over the ‘tubes.

We promise not to be stinky, and will probably talk your ear off about Cataclysm or our progress or whatever else comes to mind, depending how many energy drinks or protein shakes we’ve had at that point.

And, if we can’t get out of the habit of waking up early, you might even find us at the fitness center being suspiciously healthy… or at least trying to work off the excesses of the previous evening’s shenanigans.

We still love you, but we love William Shatner’s shaman more.

Jul 242009

arc_noa_adAs part of a media campaign to celebrate the release of the sequel to their popular Wii Sports game, Nintendo announced on Thursday they would be touring around the country with a portable island straight out of Wii Sports Resort.

Starting with a huge display in the middle of Times Square, the portable islands will have plenty of fruity (but non-alcoholic beverages), a steel drum band, a reflecting pool and a lounge area.  Oh, yeah…You’ll also be able to try out Wii Sports Resort!

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