Oct 232009


Unlike simply trying to best yesterday’s high score in Peggle (or beat Mike in yet another game of Lexulous), real life comes with a nearly infinite number of achievements. Thankfully, most of them aren’t as tedious or expensive as farming rep for every last mount, or an ultra-rare pet drop.

Forthwith, an almost certainly incomplete list of achievements that have gotten us out of our computer chairs and away from our desks.

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Jun 262009

Ding Grats

This week we’ve got a couple of great updates with readers’ progress in addition to our own. If you want to share your weight loss story, vent about how you hit a plateau, tout the best healthy meal you’ve prepared this week, or whatever else may help in your efforts, send an e-mail to ding at shrinkgeek dot com.

User Entries

Sean (US): This week I hit a total of 10 pounds lost after 3 weeks of Weight Watchers®; a big thanks to Mike and Rob for inspiring me to give WW a shot. My foot injury is mostly healed so I get to start yoga again too. Continue reading »

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Jun 102009

Hippocrates at the AsclepionIt seems that several of the geeks here have been stricken with some form of malady recently. Therefore, this week’s Ding Grats is in honor of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine… with the hope that his disciples will not have to see us in their offices again for quite some time.

Ding Grats is a weekly update on progress towards goals. We share a bit about our own struggles and triumphs to keep us honest and on track. But this is not limited to just the staff here at ShrinkGeek. We want to know what accomplishments you’ve achieved in your health efforts and what challenges you made need a raid party to tackle. So if you’re inspired by us, think we’re crazy, or just want to publicly state where you stand with your own fitness goals, send an e-mail with your story to ding at shrinkgeek dot com.

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