Aug 112010

Make your own "choppin' broccoli" joke here.

Sinfest (c) Tatsuya Ishida

It’s practically a given – if you buy a pre-packaged “healthy” meal, it’s all but guaranteed to have broccoli in it. This penchant for bundling the ubiquitous green stuff is so pronounced that some metalhead friends of ShrinkGeek have likened an unwanted opening act that performs at numerous shows headlined by more desirable bands, “The broccoli of metal.”

What, however, is behind this? Why does broccoli wear the mantle of “default healthy food” in the same way that bacon and cheeseburgers are shorthand for “crap that is bad for you”?

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Jun 192009

“But I just can’t afford to buy all those fruits and veggies. Gets expensive.”fm1

True, but it depends on where you go. When going veg, whether to make a permanent lifestyle change, try a temporary detox-type plan for a few weeks, or just wanting to get more healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet, I often hear people mention the cost. After all, buying food in this country has increasingly become about the quick and cheap. But that’s where Farmer’s Markets come into play, in a very frugal way.

Most Farmer’s Markets, in my experience, offer much better prices than anything you will find in a typical grocery store chain. Although some items are only a little cheaper, take bananas being about 10-15 cents cheaper/lb, some end up being quite a steal, such as melons and especially those red/yellow/orange bell peppers that the main grocery chains seem to love to charge an outrageous $3.99/lb for (my last check I was paying about $2.35/lb from a Farmer’s market).

Good news since that those tasty peppers are very low point on the Weight Watchers®.

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Jun 132009

Pre-Packaged 100 Calorie PacksHealthy food is expensive.  There’s just no two ways about it.  Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and low-calorie treats are all generally a lot more expensive than a box of Patio Burritos.  Many of the lower income members of society who struggle with their weight simply cannot afford to eat well (and it goes without saying that gym memberships, diet supplements, and pre-packaged meal programs are simply out of the question).  Even those of us who aren’t necessarily struggling to pay the bills have to deal with the fact that our money just isn’t buying as much as it used to, and with all the economic uncertainty that is out there today it just makes sense to save wherever you can.

With that in mind were here at ShrinkGeek thought we’d occasionally share some of the ways we have found to eat better and save a few pennies in the process.  Our subject for today is the 100 Calorie M&M Snack Packs.

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