I'm a new mom to an infant son (BabyQ, born in January, 2012), and an extra-mom to my eleven year old step-daughter. I'm married (to a different Mike than the one who posts here), and I work full-time as in-house counsel for a managed service provider. I'm trying to re-gain a healthy body and healthy body-image post-pregnancy.

Oct 042012

This is Tessa, aka Pixirae.  I’ve been friends with Rafe & Mike for, well, a while, which is how I know about ShrinkGeek.  I’m the in-house counsel at a managed service provider and long-time geek.  I’m also a new mom trying to get back to some semblance of a healthy body and healthy body-image.

Mike & Rafe have graciously given me the opportunity to guest-post here about my journey – I’m hoping that it will help keep me motivated and accountable, and hey, maybe it will help someone else out there to do the same.

Posts from me will talk about my journey back to fitness in a new-parent lifestyle (in other words: with no time, no budget, and often no energy).  When I talk about losing the “baby-weight,” I’m not just talking about a number on the scale (I think scales are not all-important, though for me and my body they do give me a way to track some of my progress), I’m also talking about other important things – energy level, comfort in my own skin, and the ability to do the things I want with this body of mine.

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