Jun 042010

Image via geishboy500 on flickr

Are you tired of the same old exercise routine but not quite brave enough to strap on the leg warmers and swing around a pole? Are you convinced that Max Brooks is a prophet and not just an international bestselling author? Do you get pissed off anytime someone makes a joke about zombies craving brains because that was something that was added in by the folks who made Return of the Living Dead and was never part of George Romero’s universe?

If so, we’ve got the workout for you.

An enterprising group of Parkour enthusiasts have put together an exercise routine that is designed to help you survive the impending Zombie apocalypse. Appropriately dubbed ZombieFit, these workouts are focused on helping you do things like leap over fences, survive long falls, and escape from the grip of a mindless, flesh-eating ghoul. The philosophy behind these exercise routines is known as functional fitness, which is described on the ZombieFit website as “the ability to perform any given task, at any time, quickly and efficiently.”

While the premise behind the ZombieFit training may seem to be a bit on the silly side, they really have a fantastic workout program that you can follow without even being a member of their gym. It’s fairly standard total body conditioning, even if the philosophy behind it is that you’re going to need it in order to survive Z-Day. When the end comes, only the strong will survive, and as the folks behind ZombieFit say “by preparing for the impossible, you’ll be ready for the improbable.”

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go stock up on shotgun shells.

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